Modern Blossoms

A luxury online experience for Forever Roses and Fresh Flowers from Modern Blossoms. Our in house designers handle each flower with care and only use the best florals per order. We specialize in custom made to order arrangements with the blooms.


She's put a spell on you... and she wants this lush, elegant arrangement from the one she loves. The Peonies for the elegance, the Protea and Orchids to give it some texture, and the Roses with mixed flowers to create a love spell aspect.

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Forever Roses

Modern Blossoms offers a variety of preserved rose options in our Classique, Acrylique, and Custom Collections. Our Forever Roses last a few years, no water or sunlight required, with a light dusting. These roses will rest in custom containers to be displayed throughout the years.

This is a perfect gift to show your love for someone special.

Luxury Boxes

Modern Blossoms boxed fresh flower arrangement of mixed white flowers in cardboard box.

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