Floral Care Tips


MB's Forever Roses Care Tips

  • DO NOT water the roses.
  • AVOID direct sunlight, as this can fade your roses.
  • ONLY use a feather duster to lightly dust off arrangement.
  • Make sure roses are in a room temperature environment, away from the window.
  • DO NOT remove roses from decorative box, as this can damage your arrangement.
  • DO NOT place anything on top of arrangement, as this can damage and crush the roses.


MB's tips on how to care for fresh flowers

Bouquet and Vase Arrangements: We suggest you add water every 2-3 days, keeping the vase full to the top. This will help the longevity of your flowers.
Luxury Box Arrangements: Our flowers are packed into a small space which makes it harder to know where water levels are. These boxes should be watered every 2-3 days, its best to use a small cup to add water to middle of arrangements, and try to not overflow it as these are cardboard boxes. 
Modern Blossoms recommends these other helpful tips: keep flowers in a cool spot, away from sunlight, extreme heat, stovetops, or furnaces. Avoid ripping fruit near flowers as this will speed up your flower arrangement life. Please note that not all flowers have the same lifespan, as these are fresh cut flowers and some may go before others. As flowers begin to wilt you can remove them by snipping them out, this will prevent the other flowers from dying as they will stay alive longer and any bud stems to open up.
These are Modern Blossoms helpful tips to keeping your arrangement alive longer. However all our arrangements have cut flowers which makes them perishable from the moment they are cut and are subject to variable conditions such as weather, placement, transport, air quality, watering and water levels, along with general care. Due to these being fresh cut flowers, any factors or variable conditions that affect the lifespan, we are not able to offer any guarantees or refunds. Please read our Satisfaction Guarantee for more information.